Getting the code

You need two source trees, one is a copy of Samba3 and the other is the ctdb code itself.

Both source trees are stored in git repositories.


You can download ctdb source code via ftp and http.

You can also get the latest development version of ctdb using git:
   git clone git://git.samba.org/ctdb.git ctdb
To update this tree when improvements are made in the upstream code do this:
    cd ctdb
    git pull
If you don't have git and can't easily install it, then you can instead use the following command to fetch ctdb or update it:
    rsync -avz samba.org::ftp/unpacked/ctdb .

Samba3 ctdb version

With Samba version 3.3 all cluster-relevant changes have been merged to the mainstream Samba code. Please refer to the Samba website for the current release information.

Binary Packages

Note that packages are so far only available for RHEL5. Other packages may come later.

See packages directory for package downloads.

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